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POTION is based in Manchester and provides friendly, efficient and affordable IT support to homes, small businesses, charities and non profit organisations.

We currently cover Manchester and the surrounding areas and offer tech services such as: Virus Removal, Data Backup and Recovery, Network Installation, Server Installation, Cloud Services, Onsite/Remote IT Services, Email Services, Web Design, Hosting, SEO Services and much more geeky stuff.



We also offer secure hosting. Our server hosting packages offer SSL and secure content delivery networks to ensure your site is delivered rapid and protected.
Data Destruction

Data Destruction

For all your unwanted Tech we offer a secure data destruction service either shredding or electronically wiping the data so it can be recycled.
Virus & Malware

Virus & Malware

POTION can remove malware and viruses from your computer including some ransomware that forces you to pay to unlock your computer files.

Manchester Computer Virus Removal

  • Virus Removal

    virus removal Manchester

    Some viruses are very difficult to remove even with updated antivirus software; POTION can ensure the computer viruses are fully removed and we will ensure your computer is fully protected against future infections.

  • Data Recovery

    Manchester Data Recovery

    POTION can recover lost files from a damaged hard disk, corrupt hard drive and portable media. If we can't recover your files we will not charge you for our time. We also can recover files that have been locked through some versions of ransomware.

  • Online Secure Backups

    Manchester Off-Site Backup

    POTION can offer a secure backup solution that can encrypt your files to a remote backup server. The only way to ensure your data is secure in the event of a flood, fire or theft is to keep your critical data off-site.

Some Retro Computer Art

Some of our Services


We can setup a wireless or ethernet network; Do you need a public wifi not on the business network? Do you need to extend the range your wireless network?


POTION can supply on-site and off-site backup systems. We can help you create a robust backup stratergy and importantly we can run regular tests on the backups.


To help you safe online at your home or office we can provide software and off-site solutions to ensure you are fully protected and that your computer or files are not compromised.


POTION is authorised to provide a Google Apps solution to allow you to have your emails, calendars and storage off-site and accessible from multiple devices. We can also install safety features to prevent loss or theft of data.

  • Domains

    You can purchase your perfect domain from POTION and we have no hidden fees unlike some domain sellers. We make puchasing your domain easy and safe. Visit our hosting platform POTION.UK to purchase your domains.

    We offer a range of hosting packages from our cheap hosting package to our ultimate search friendly package with unlimited everything! and Free SSL and Free Super Fast SSL Content Delivery Network. Visit our hosting platform POTION.UK
  • Search Engine Optimisation

    Is your website not getting found on search engines or you feel that you could get more relevant traffic; Our skilled team in Manchester specialise in SEO issues and we should be able to identify what the problems are. Visit our SEO specialists LOTION.CO.UK
  • Domains
  • Search Engine Optimisation
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